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As I hope you all know, I started a small project on The Cape Verde Island, São Vicente.

First part is done successfully, which was introducing and teaching pan. They never heard, saw or played a steelpan before. I was lucky that Nostalgia Steelband from London, lend me some pans, and took them with me, payed my own ticket to get there, and taught them how to play. 

The goal was to form a small steelband together with the inhabitants of São Vicente and play on their carnival parade.

And it worked! ( look at the video Cruzeiros Do Norte) They love the sound and want to learn everything there is to learn about pan.

So now I have to start the Second part of this project.


Cape Verde is a poor country, hardly any work available.

How can we get pans over there, with them not having the possibility to pay for the instruments.

The local music teacher Eddy Max, is looking for ways, by talking to the council, to see if they are willing to contribute.

My question to all of you, and especially the big steelbands, is if there is a possibility to donate a pan.

Then they can start a panyard. They would be so grateful if this works.

The Third part of the project will be to learn them how to make their own pans. I can't do that myself, don't have the skills. But as I got in contact with Bowie Bowei from Nigeria, he is willing to help me in this.

PLEASE HELP FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF PAN!! and sent them some pans.

If you have any other ideas, please tell me and respond to this letter.

Hope we can succeed in spreading pan to another part of the world!


Deanne Pijl

The Netherlands

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Comment by deanne pijl on February 26, 2015 at 9:02pm

thanks Salah, will do that.

Not sure how this site works, but hopefully Patrick you read this. 

What do you mean by whistling calypsos. I'm in for humor and critics, but I thought this was a site for developing pan throughout the world, So please explain what you mean. They don't know about pan. let alone about calypso.

Comment by Salah Wilson on February 26, 2015 at 10:36am

A Ministry for Pan in Trinidad and Tobago will be able to do philanthropic work ....exactly like what is needed in a SITUATION LIKE THIS....... In time my friend ...keep the struggle going on....best wishes

Comment by patrick on February 26, 2015 at 8:55am

I suggest you start whistling calypsos.

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