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I have been trying to reach Pan Trinbago by telephone since last week. These are the numbers I have; 623 4486, 625 3556, & 623 6831. These are for the Head Office. The East Zone where I am located gave me 2 numbers, 369 6437 & 337 5095. All these numbers are out of service. This is the WORLD governing body for steelpan Really? Should I continue to be a member of this organization? Given all the other ills that have been aired publicly over the past several months. There are those who will say ," you don't jump ship when things bad, but dig in and help make it better". The only benefit I get for being a member of Pan Trinbago is the annual grant from the Government for unsponsored steelbands  which is a tidy sum. It used to be 20,000 now under this new PNM administration it's 15,000 tt dollars.  I am going to be writing to the Culture ministry to find out if it is possible to continue to receive the grant without Pan Trinbago membership. Some years now I have been totally fed up with the organization. Panorama is the only thing we propogate and  Panorama killing most of the bands, yet no one looking for other avenues of endeavor. The successful steelbands are the ones who organize other events. Exodus who have a youth training programme, who ran successfully for many years Pan Ramajay, which should not have been stopped; Silver Stars with their annual Pan Parang and concerts; All Stars with their annual Christmas gig and Skiffle who have a number of development projects. I must mention also Southern Marines who also have a number of community-basd development programmes. By and large bands just sit around waiting for Panorama. Bad news for Cecil. These bands not even interested in coming on the road for Carnival. I think there is need now for a rival Pan body.. These guys have a monopoly and they abusing it. There are 4 World Boxing organisations, 2 athletic bodies,the I O C & the I A A F.When we had the Pan In Schools Co-ordinating Council pan was bertter run, because  Pan Trinbago  couldn't have things their own way. it's time to end the monopoly.

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Comment by odw on November 11, 2017 at 12:21am

Could be mis-typed, are the numbers for Head Office or Headquarters LOL. Ting happen Juss soo in a Juss soo culture. What ever happen to emails and your contact list to provide notification to your membership???

There's software available to text message your subscribers for alerts, outages and unplanned events.

Comment by Carvy on November 10, 2017 at 2:21pm
Serman you forgot Invaders "Pan Parang & Pork"
Comment by Gregory Lindsay on November 10, 2017 at 1:35pm

I am yet to be made a liar...at PanTrinbago on this WST forum.....

I do not come here and pander lies to the people...I only talking facts,...not getting sidetrack, no digressions, no eat ah food...I said this yesterday......wake up my sleeping giants.....it that time again....and in 90 days it will be all over.....StandUp for something or fall for anything.....Yuh cant pay yuh bills but yuh want me to release my players for them to be used over and over and over again.....RockSoWithDat.......donetalkBOYCOTT PANORAMA

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