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It is a shame that a big band like Skiffle Bunch cannot produce some young Trinidad Arrangers from their sponsored band. You have over a hundred players every year and the question is. Why can't you train some of them in music and arrangements? By importing Foreign Born Arrangers just to win a Panorama shows bad management and a lack of shame and a slap in our country's education abilities. There is no excuse for your Band's decision. Stalin, Merchant and Relator knew this from their past songs. Pan in Danger and we are importing our own culture. Imagine some of these Band Managers do not have the common sense to see that pretty soon we will be importing our own culture and it was started by these South Bands. Bands are using FOREIGN Tuners to make their pans and arrange in contrast to the fact that most of the drums comes from the South. Pan Trinbago and some other band officials fail to incorporate our Steel Pan technology by using our best Tuners to teach young and upcoming tuners. All they do is to wait until they are dead to give them a lot of stupid Speech. Check it out, we are running short of all the best TUNERS that was born in the WAR ERA. Right now you have TOP PAN TUNERS Without a WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE to sell their products.  Besides Gill's Pan Shop and two large shops. The TOP NAMED TUNERS DO NOT HAVE A SITE AND THEY ARE NOT EMPLOYED AND PAID TO TEACH THE ART BY ALL THE GOVERNING BODIES IN T&T.

They are getting paid to teach people out of the country and the so-called smart Trinidadians does not realize that they are not taking care of their own but walk about we are the smartest and the best. WAKE UP STEEL BANDS AND PAN TRINBAGO

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Comment by Gerard Clarke on December 14, 2015 at 11:08pm

Pan Trinbago has a website with a list of tuners and contact numbers.

Comment by London Gabriel on December 14, 2015 at 10:42am

Correct me if I am wrong so we are saying that bands In Trinidad should only let trini arrangers do the music for bands in trinidad and tune the pans etc. If we was to do that and then every country fallow that a lot of arrangers from trinidad will go hungry look how much Trini arrangers go out of trinidad to work and do music for bands, Another note some of these same young arrangers are from trinidad backgrounds isnt despers tuner Oddies dad,

Comment by Imamu Baraka on December 11, 2015 at 9:19pm

I agree with you Patrick it's a job to find a Tuner in Trinidad, I guess we will be importing soon.

Comment by Wayne Cezair on December 9, 2015 at 2:35pm

What tuners under employed. Can you find a good tuner that has nothing to do right now/

Why do they need websites, they spending their time tuning pans, not playing on a computer.

Skiffle has to 'import' arrangers because all the good arrangers in TnT are already arranging for bands.

Arrangers do not grow on trees and sorry you cant train them to be good.

Pan is now universal, maybe the time has come for a Japanese arranger to win panorama.

That wouldn't be a bad thing at all

Comment by Mercer Ramdoo on December 9, 2015 at 5:53am
The tuners without websites may not be "under employed", but it's still a good suggestion that they have sites where they can be reached. In this age to find a tuner one has to know somebody who knows somebody who happens to know a tuner. How does any individual who owns one pan reach a tuner for blending etc? The hammer may be good but how 'bout a lil "business head", a professional approach.?
Comment by ARTHUR W TRAVERSO on December 8, 2015 at 9:54pm

Mr John Dunbar I really don't know where to start with you and most people on this panel know I am always defending South bands not because I originally from the southland and now living in NY but because I am tired of people from the North always bashing and having negative to say about the south bands. This North -South shit have got to stop.I am a former pan player from the 70's and I could tell you I know that a mad exodus of South panmen travel on a daily basis to the North to beat for bands like All Stars,Despers,PhaseII and I could go on and on. Why ? Because the south bands are not given a chance and are eliminated before they even hit a note. They will give them a bligh in the Medium category like with Pan Elders(proof that there is good talented pan players in the south) dominance but never in the prestigious large band category. The whole Panorama thing is played out and most of the panelist here will not admit it because they come from Town like they say in Trinidad. Is the same bands from North and Exodus from the East winning Panorama.                                                                                                                                             Top large south bands like Fonclaire,Skiffle(no longer Skiffle Bunch) La Brea Nightingales, Hatters and Antillian All Stars( who gave up trying a few years ago) have tried every arranger you could name including Ken Professor Philmore,Boogsie Sharpe,Ray Holman,Liam Teague,Terrance BJ Marcell, just to name a few and never succeeded in winning a Large Band Panorama except for Hatters in 1970 and we all know by now what happen with Fonclaire in 1990 with Pan By Storm. They have even tried young south grown arrangers like Daren Sheppard to no avail. Like they say in the north no south band have a chance of winning the big horses panorama. If you wanted to see changes then they should have never voted back Diaz as President of PanTRINBAGO. In NY Pan circle we are all one big family( no north,south.central east) like was witnessed with the Brooklyn Steel Orch who almost won the recently concluded World Panorama in Trinidad. We just lost one of the best pan tuners in Herman Guppy Brown and we only have a handful left like Birch Kellman( from the south) and Harrigan. Them fellars too old to get into web sites and modern technology and besides most of them only have a high school education and some are even school drop outs. To most Trinbagonians Pan is to Panorama and that is where the buck stops. It is a shame that we are in 2015 and we have'nt see much change. Nuff said !  

Comment by VALENTINE YOUNG on December 8, 2015 at 8:39pm

With All Due Respect Mr. John Dunbar. I Think that Skiffle Bunch as a Young Steel Band Has Used the Most Arrangers ever. That the Way They Do it. They Have Tried Boogsie - Earl Brooks - Professor - Liam Teague - Andy Narel - Vanessa Headley Even the Longest Panorama Arranger Master Ray Holman. They have not gained Much Success in their Efforts so Far. I Think that the New and Young  Arrangers from Brooklyn are A Good Fit for them. We Must Stop this Foolishness about Panorama being Soley Our Thing. The Whole World Has Caught up to This Pan Culture Called Panorama and Love It. These are Young Musicians from Brooklyn With Trini Parentage and this is Also their Culture. Leave Skiffle Alone and Let Them Do their Thing. Besides What Young and Good Arrangers In Trinidad  are YouTalking about? Any Band Can Choose Whoever Arranger they Want as Long as they are Available. You Know How Many People From All Over The World Come to Play in Panorama Because of the Shortage of Pan Players in T & T.

Comment by Gerard Clarke on December 8, 2015 at 11:12am

Mr. Dunbar,a website for tuners could be and is a problem at times, with demand becoming greater than supply,with longer delivery times,some of which are sometimes lenghty. Entrepreneurs with websites are regularly shopping around for builders and tuners to meet deadlines(OTIF).  Be assured that tuners without websites, are not under employed.

Comment by Bugs on December 8, 2015 at 10:30am

It seems like New York or America may be the place where Trini players, tuners, and arrangers go to get respect for their skills - Ardin Herbert, Yohan Popwell, Pelham Goddard, Boogsie Sharpe, Robert Greenidge, Jit Samaroo, Duvone Stewart, Clive Bradley, Leon Foster Thomas, Ken Philmore, Seion Gomez, BJ Marcelle, Amrit Samaroo and others I can't remember right now all arrange and compete against American arrangers. Don't let me start to call out Trinidad Tuners and players name. Mr. Dumbar sound like the Trini version of Donald Trump.. Absolutely, no respect for the facts. At least it good to see that the Americans have no fair of Trini.


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