"Liebestraum" - Invaders Steel Orchestra(1959)

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Vintage Invaders Steel Orchestra featuring pan legend Emmanuel "Cobo Jack" Riley.From 1959, Franz Liszt's "Liebestraum".Not the best quality, but still worth hearing.

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  • Great! A lot better than some of the crap you hear today

  • Aww this is a beautiful piece I love it...........we have to bring this song back in the band!

  • http://www.panonthenet.com/articles/pan_mag/antigua-pan1985.htm  Here is an article that mentions Art Jardine who competed in Antigua playing this tune years ago.  (50s or 60s).

    Nice to hear classical tunes on pan!

  • Thanks for posting this TREASURE...aged but priceless.


  • This is so great to listen to one of the best in his form Love it,one of my Idol growing up playing the instrument

  • it worth hearing. Thanks again Glenroy

  • Our Pan HEROES . Thanks .

  • Cobo Jack at his best and Zephrim on double second (I believe) doing the appegios. The first great jazzy improvisor on a tenor  Emmanuel  Riley (C.J)

  • Hi GRJ, thanks for that, it certainly brings back memories, those photos and the Album art are treasures. Has any thought been given about preserving this history? You would think that that would be a primary consideration of a National Pan association. In the meantime, I guess it is up to aficionados like you  and this site to be keepers of the flame. Many thanks, TerryV.

  • Thanks Glenroy. That was certainly well worth listening. It's a bad recording, but you don't have to listen too hard to pick up the easy virtuosity of Cobo Jack.

    Question: how many Sundays would it take to go through your entire collection? Don't answer, LOL!

    - Big Sid

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