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How I would "Do something for pan" if I had my way

If I had my way, I'd have the steelbands in T&T focus all their energy on making money over the Carnival season which is prime time for pan, Instead of chasing after the lottery ticket that is a Panorama win.

I would take the money that is budgeted for steelband by the T&T government, the majority of which is shared by a few top bands as prize money , and use it as seed money to assist all bands in adequately preparing to participate in the Carnival celebrations and parade.

If I had my way, panmen would create a market for their music by playing the type of music that would prove pan is an indispensable part of CARNIVAL.

I would then need to be patient, as it would take a few carnival cycles for my changes to bear fruit, since it may take a while to re-convince the public that pan can deliver more than just a panorama tune at Carnival.

If I had my way, Panorama would be at a different time of year from Carnival. It would still be Panorama, and would give panmen another opportunity during the year to make a dollar.

I would have a month long Pan festival including all aspects of pan, and the climax would be the Panorama. There is no reason why this festival couldn't generate enough funds to pay the prize money, and then some.

And, oh yes, I'd have professional marketing people advise me as to the best way to market and profit from all this pan activity.

You may feel free to agree or disagree, but that's some of what I'd do, if I had my way.

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Comment by Kevin Gowrie on May 5, 2011 at 9:34pm
Very good point of views and ideas but  I  have my doubts about  panorama being held outside of carnival. There is energy generated at this time that cannot be captured at any other time, I guess it's the awe and spirit of the merry monarch . He has an effect on all the components of the experience, it's his domain! I think we need to find a way to just bring back the pan in the parade, maybe on that day the music makers and performers should use the present technology for pan instead. Why cant the soca artistes be accompanied  by a hi tech steel orchestra, just my point of view!
Comment by Glenroy R Joseph on May 3, 2011 at 10:59am
i don't know what "wishes and magic" Audley Sue Wing is talking about.

I think I made it quite clear that I am referring to steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago, and I think that all of my ideas are possible if there is the will.

No "magic" is suggested or required.
Comment by Audley Sue Wing on May 3, 2011 at 1:58am

Love the topic Glenroy but please, let's not try making wishes and magic. Honest thinking is required if we are to consider the present circumstances of Pan and ask ourselves which of the many aspects of "Pan" are we talking about? Also who represents "Pan" as a whole? The issue as stated is far too wide. Popping a peanut in your mouth is one thing; you can't do that with a coconut. Pan is like a big coconut, so let's husk it, crack the shell and let's tackle the meat of the matter.

     Pantrinbago represents steelbands In Trinidad & Tobago but "Pan" has gone global over the years; they have no authority beyond the shores of T&T. So let us narrow the issue of Pan to a manageable size; let us tackle "Pan" in Trinidad & Tobago using a step by step approach. Which aspect of Pan in T&T do you think is the most urgent and requires A1 priority? To put it differently, what is the one thing you think needs doing for Pan in T&T right NOW?

     No more wishing, just clear workable proposals. Let's think, let us talk and take it from there! ASW

Comment by Rico John on May 2, 2011 at 10:49am
Greetings, and thank you Yvette for your keen observation and analysis. This not mean that the bros are not making good points, here and there, but we need to put the cart and horse in perspective. You have attempted to do so; let's see the bureaucracy follow, and take the right road to reality. All discussions are worthwhile, Glenroy, it is where we take them.  Blessed Love. Ras Rico I SELASSIE I
Comment by Glenroy R Joseph on May 1, 2011 at 3:02pm
The intensity of the Panorama does not allow the bands the time and energy to diversify their activities,and there is so much that can be done during the Carnival season, if bands do not have to concentrate so much on the panorama tune.

Steelbands would have to create products and market them via media, be it steelband festivals, parties and dances and even Carnival bands on the road.

Instead of regional panorama events, bands could organize singly or in groups to have regional festivals. There are areas in the country which do not have steelbands and would be ideal places for such fiestas.

Bands would have the time to learn a number of current tunes to please the fans, but most steelbands are capable of that.

The Trinidad Carnival is a music based festival, a celebration of the musical culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

If the steelband is part of that musical culture then there is no reason the steelband shouldn't be a more active participant in Carnival.

If the steelband cannot sell itself to the fans in Trinidad. the Land of The Steelband at Carnival time, then how can the steelband hope to sell itself to the world?

And remember you'd still have a month long Panorama festival later in the year, giving pan people another big opportunity for activity,exposure and hopefully to generate some more income.
Comment by Ian Franklin on May 1, 2011 at 2:25pm

Some great ideas Glenroy and the other commentors. We panmen & panwomen have to also do what is needed. We must always support other Steel Orchestras' events, and the Steel Orchestras should network so they do not host events on the same day. Bands have to also make videos, and try to look into the possibility of hiring agents. Their repertoire should be 90/10 in favour of non-caribbean renditions. We have to be Steel Orchetras and not bands that perform 90% of an up-tempo beat. There is another world outside of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Comment by VALENTINE YOUNG on May 1, 2011 at 1:51pm
Glen my Bro! With all due respect, your first set of ideas were very workable. The idea of having Panorama sometime other than Carnival is Madness. At Carnival time T&T gets the most visitors, that is the best time to capture  whatever revenue they bring.. You must also remember that the only time that our people show any interest in pan is at Carnival time. The atmosphere at Carnival time is very condusive for Panorama and would always remain so,  having Panorama at any other time dont make any economic sense. Pantrinbago has tried Pan Down Memory lane, Pan 21st Century and Republic Panorama and they all failed to generate much interest, or revenue for their efforts. Peace & Love my Bro!
Comment by yvette johnson on May 1, 2011 at 12:15pm
Bro. Joseph does pan research and development carry a portfolio in any of T&T's ministries?  Is pan required as the musical "discipline" from kindergarten to graduation and into the University of the West Indies?  Is pan broadcasted night and day over the TV, Radio and covered in the print media?  But all of the many varied and valid points will not be put into place unless the consumer:  The people of T&T, the Caribbean and the world in general feel that pan is worthy of their attention and they make it a part of them.  More work must be done to accomplish this especially in the media-TV, radio, internet and of course the public events.
Comment by Peter Gray on May 1, 2011 at 9:41am

Great ideas, Glenroy, and a valuable question to pose.

What I would do with my magic wand is utilize pan (for the artform and for human beings as well) for therapeutic rehabilitation, e.g., instructing prison inmates how to sink/groove/tune pan, or enhancing the brains and social self confidence of autustic children.  Nothing to do with money, although the discussion always seems to centre on money.


2 more cents,   Peter.


Comment by Michael L Joseph on May 1, 2011 at 2:53am

My brother Glen

Don't believe for one moment that when u not hearing from me I'm out of it. I hear u all the time.Just don't comment on every thing like some people. But the topic u raise, is near and dear to me, like yuh touch a nerve in meh. Who cares? Or better put, who have d belly to make drastic changes in the Steel band movement? We discussed this issue when u last paid us a visit. so u know my position on that.But, I like yuh timing. Ah betting yuh, that topic taboo. You trying to kill ah few people hustle or what? If what we talking about come into play, the many will shear in the wealth, and the few greedy ones make less, and we don't want to upset them, cause they have the influence. Until we get people with balls and vision, the capitalist system, where the many sacrifice for the few will continue.

Always good to hear from u. Jah Blessings to u and yours.

Bro. Scobie.

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