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Keith Byer presents his progressive and new team 
Our team made a conscious decision not to fill all positions with the expectation of being able to recommend people of quality from other slates to fill the remaining positions. We gathered a list of names of possible prospects, but as we vetted them, a large number of people were rejected for various reasons.

Our vetting process, was about severely limiting ineffective and inefficient officers. Having multiple people on a slate who do not have the required competencies for the job, would expose the leader as being incompetent, and unfit to lead the Organization during this crucial period of doing "more with much less", while effectively serving the membership.

We therefore chose candidates after properly vetting their competencies for the positions they have to fill, and decided we would support competent candidates from other slates and/or Independents.

I am proud to announce team Attitude For Altitude (AFA) list of candidates along with their qualifications and experience.

Keith Byer for President
The holder of diplomas in electrical, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and instrument engineering. Staged the Caribbean Panorama in Grenada, Caribbean Junior Festival in Antigua and was appointed project coordinator of International Panorama. Worked with CARICOM, UNESCO and the Ford Foundation. Managed Siparia Deltones and Silver Stars to two panorama victories. Founder and president of Diatonic Pan Institute. Producer of a television series, an annual steelband competition and music theory programs.
Served in the following capacities:

Vice Chairman Vision 2020 Culture and Attitudes Committee; Member National Culture Policy; Asst. Secretary South Central Region; Chairman South Central Region; Vice President Pan Trinbago. Recently appointed Chairman of the Siparia Volunteer Network with the Siparia Regional Corporation, etc.

Aquil Arrindell for Vice President
Captain of San City Steel Symphony. Chairman of the Concerned Individuals for Pan. Holder of a Second class honours Bachelors degree in Music from UWI. Author of the music workbook Show Me The World, owner of a music school, author of over a hundred pan-related articles published on When Steel Talks over a period of two years. Also staring in professionally done music-related videos etc.

Travis Mulraine for Assistant Secretary
Leader/Manager Tokyo Steel Orchestra 2013 to present. Former National footballer with a Level 3 Coaching License English FA. He has an Advanced Certificate in Radio Broadcasting from IBC and a Bachelor's Degree in Project Management from Cipriani Labour College. He is also a Community Liaison Officer with the Ministry of Education from 2017 to present.

Khion De Las for Education Officer 
Member of Diatonic Steel. Holder of a BA and Masters in Music from the Northern Illinois University and LLB in Law from UWI. He is one of the youngest professors presently in the UWI Music department. He is an arranger, music judge and a performer who has recently released his music video etc. 

Fuad Abu Bakr for Public Relations Officer
Fuad Abu Bakr LLB. First Class Honours Degree in Law with Business (Lon). Manager & Treasurer of Western Stars Philharmonic Steel Orchestra. CEO of four businesses. Political Leader of the New National Vision. Founder of Run Diego Martin. Member of several sport and community groups.

Kerri Ann Gormandy Walters for Treasurer 
Captain of Blanca 47. Owner of a music school, with a Degree in Music from UWI, acting Sub Officer for the Trinidad and Tobago Fire Services music band etc.

Franka Headley, Ian Clarke and Oswald Alexander, though Independent candidates, have our support because we believe that they, like us, would ensure that the Organization is served (especially in this cash strapped period) in the best possible manner.
We believe that because the organization is in dire financial difficulties and facing massive reductions in GROTT grants, a competent team that can efficiently produce with limited expenditure, is extremely critical at this time.
I am asking for your support as ATTITUDE FOR ALTITUDE (AFA) team will MAKE PAN WORK for YOU!!!

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  • i like this.

  • My question to all the candidates standing for election is this.

    The predecessor of Pan Trinbago (Steelbands Association > National Association of T&T Steelbandsmen) started off, in effect as a "Trade Union" under the leadership of George "Sonny" Goddard who led the boycott of Panorama, in effect striking for the betterment of steelpan.

    Somehow and somewhere along the way, that premise was lost.

    What do those aspiring to lead and do something for pan have to say about the idea of returning to those roots?

    Have any PT Members or Delegates ever called for this and what was the response from the leadership?

    Has anyone in any of these roles contacted NATUC to start a dialogue?

    Enquiring Minds want to know.


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    Nice..... finally a group of young intelligent people that can take us beyond 2020.


    Kareem: You seem like a man in THE KNOW!!! And ah think that you have PLENTY POWER. So hear what I want from you!!!



    So yuh better set them up to COME ON THIS FORUM and MAKE HISTORY for PAN TRINBAGO as finally having stepped in to THE INTERNET ERA!!!


    We could make HISTORY with this FORWARD STEP!!!

    BEVERLEY FRAID TO COME -- yuh cannot know how much times ah BEG SHE!!!


    So far, the best presentation of candidates to office. What vetting process was used to fill/reject candidates for positions on slate? Hope you can sell your product to delegates who may not have a clue about what they want.

    The "friend ting" could pose a problem.

    Good Luck guys, I'm rooting for ya.


    So far, the best presentation of candidates to office. What vetting process was used to fill/reject candidates for positions on slate? Hope you can sell your product to delegates who may not have a clue about what they want.

    The "friend ting" could pose a problem.

    Good Luck guys, I'm rooting for ya.

    P.S Plenty degrees and ting, Buh ppl with degrees does tief too, eh. Ah watching.


    I love how Mr. Ramdoo seconded his own motion.

    All I would say for now, is that WE KNEW that when all the teams started to run the race, everyone's candidates would be under scrutiny. 

    Most of the slates candidates were considered by our team but upon further investigation we had to let them go.

    PT can't afford people with tainted images in any part of the new executive. 

    We prefer not to fill a slate to look good even if it means that we would be at a political disadvantage.



    Aquil: Like yuh want MERCER to be your CAMPAIGN MANAGER, boy. How yuh praising up the man so? And I was thinking maybe I might just JUMP SHIP and land on allyuh BOAT. But if yuh want to have MERCER run your INTERNET CAMPAIGN for you I cannot get jealous. Because MERCER RAMDOO is meh pardner in SARCASM on THIS FORUM.


    For years I hear PLENTY PLENTY PEOPLE calling for YOUNG and EDUCATED PEOPLE to TAKE OVER PAN TRINBAGO. This is the OPPORTUNITY to make the move in THAT DIRECTION. But I need to see them COME ON THIS FORUM and face some questions from THE WHEN STEEL TALKS AUDIENCE.

    And I don't want no set AH THEORY and BIG SPEECH!!! I want to hear how you are going to make DOLLY sign contracts with the PAN PLAYERS and pay them ON TIME!!! I want to hear that you are WILLING to CANCEL THE PANORAMA to show the STRENGTH of the PAN PLAYER MOVEMENT. I want to hear that YOU are going to build a DATABASE with all the PAN PLAYERS from EVERY BAND and issue ID CARDS. I want to hear about YOUR GLOBAL PLAN FOR PAN -- and if you cannot IMPRESS me with that PLAN you have ZERO CHANCE with me. I want to hear what plans you have for PRODUCING global quality PAN MUSIC and MARKETING IT. I want to hear how you PLAN to sell PAN PRODUCTS including PANS, GLOBALLY. When PANORAMA is done, I want to know the ATTENDANCE anybody should be able to go on the PAN TRINBAGO WEBSITE and see an INCOME EXPENSE statement for the EVENT. I want to hear that you are going to CUT OUT THAT TEN PERCENT RAKE on STEELBAND winnings at PANORAMA. I want to hear that you will PURSUE some kind of LEGAL ACTION against the CURRENT EXECUTIVES when you get in there and see how corrupt they were and how much MONEY THEY STOLE. I want to hear how you are going to start MAKING PANS and MUSIC for EXPORT. And I want to hear about measures to stop the CORRUPTION. I don't mind if an EXECUTIVE put a deal or event together and scoops a little five or ten percent off the TOP. But when you are doing like DIAZ and FORTEAU and SHEPPARD and stealing 99% of the money and refuse to even buy ink for the PHOTO COPIER -- that is beyond the limits of human decency. And I want to hear about how you are going to start PUMPING MONEY into the PAN YARDS.

    And I definitely DO NOT want to hear about ANY CORRUPTION in the EXECUTIVE. You have to set a NEW STANDARD and run at least ONE ORGANIZATION in TRINIDAD without making THIEFING the PRIMARY AGENDA.

    Lord, I could go ON and ON.

    The ATTITUDE and ALTITUDE thing sounds a little bit TOO ESOTERIC for me. But I know that AQUIL ARRINDELL is one of the HARDEST WORKING MEN in the STEELBAND WORLD so I know that HIS BOOTS will always be on the GROUND.

    I think we could make this thing HAPPEN!!!


    The ATTITUDE and ALTITUDE thing sounds a little bit TOO ESOTERIC for me"

    Funny you should say that Mr. Claude.

    the team looking at another.

    what alyah think?

    Mr. Ramdoo, My new campaign manager. Has the last say. 

    progressive and new (P.A.N.) 


    So THIS GROUP come on THE FORUM and they put up picture with SIX CANDIDATES and then THEY FAIL to follow up and identify each person in the picture. Well, since there is only one female in the group that is an easy one to figure out. And ah think ah know which one is AQUIL and BEYER.

    But I want to be able to read the profile and then attach the face to it.

    What kinda CAMPAIGN Mercer running for allyuh?

    I done representing KERON VALENTINE and ROBERT AMAR and LAWFORD DUPREY so I cannot be giving NO FREE ADVICE to this group too. Ah feeling like ah PAN ARRANGER competing against mehself!!!


    So far, the best presentation of candidates to office. What vetting process was used to fill/reject candidates for positions on slate? Hope you can sell your product to delegates who may not have a clue about what they want.

    The "friend ting" could pose a problem.

    Good Luck guys, I'm rooting for ya.


    So Aquil 

    if your team wins what changes can we expect to see immediately?

    How do you plan to balance the needs of the large bands vs those of the small bands?

    Why is you team more qualified than team Patriots?

    If team Patriot offers me one beer for my vote, how many beers will your team offer me?

    What is your teams plan to monetize the musical products that are produced by your members?

    How can you represent the needs of the players while officially representing the bands management?


    • Mr Claude Gonzales has been very well defined in the expectations of ANY committee elected to handle our affairs, that is the Affairs of Pan Trinbago. The members who would be elected by the membership will have lots of Damage control to put into effect, that is why i do agree that that a FORENSIC AUDIT is of prime importance. The consequences of the results of this audit may hinder others who may want to attempt the same thing. The Elected members MUST possess good Character, be willing to be Hard workers with INTEGRITY, HONESTY and  willing to exhibit TRANSPARENCY in the operations of the organisation.

      Gentlemen do not look at this as a competition, The winners in this election must be ONLY the entire Pan Body. What has taken place over the Past three election periods must never happen to the Pan Movement in T&T again.

      By the way i wish that members would vote for Mr. Michael Dinchong the General Manager of Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra who has been nominated  for the post of EDUCATION OFFICER of PT, as an Independent. You can be assured that Mr.Dinchong possesses all the necessary qualities, referred to above..  

      • Mr. Cooper: You are a man who has supported THIS FORUM -- for years. So if you want to promote Mr. Michael Dinchong for the post of EDUCATION OFFICER on THIS FORUM, YOU have my FULL ASSISTANCE.

        So you should put up a POSTING introducing MR. DINCHONG and then ODW and I will proceed to ask him a few questions and hopefully some other FORUMITES will join in.

        I have only one caveat: MAKE SURE THAT MR. DINCHONG go in the studio and take out ah real nice picture to post on THE FORUM. Yuh eh see KERON VALENTINE picture? And then BEVERLEY went in the studio and took out a MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. Not to mention my friend MARCUS ASH -- PICTURE FATHER!!!

        So let MR. DINCHONG take out ah real nice picture and come and TELL HIS STORY and I will be RIGHT HERE to make sure that his VOICE IS HEARD!!!

        Sincerely, Claude

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