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Hate it, Love it, but - you can’t ignore it.  Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago has produced some of the greatest musical moments and pieces of our time. 


When Steel Talks takes a look at 50 Years of Panorama Music, Life & Culture.


Share here, your favorite and greatest Trinbago Panorama moments, the highs and lows, with the global steelpan community...


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Boogsie time started with I Music !!

Bertel I ment winners row.


I Music was a winner although it did not place Cecil.

All of Boogsie's work are winners.

I agree with that, what a jewel he is to pan and T&T.

Boogsie "RULES"

1989 - Barron - Somebody - Renegades Steel Orchestra (winner) - Jit Samaroo (arranger)

1990 - Lord Kitchener - Iron Man - Renegades Steel Orchestra (winner) - Jit Samaroo (arranger)

1991 - Bernadette Paul - Musical Vulcano - Desperadoes Steel Orchestra (winner) - Robert Greenidge (arranger)


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